February 7, 2015

Be My Valentine

Shooting expired film on the streets of downtown Asheville, North Carolina.

This capture was made on expired Kodak Max 400 film that was given to me by a photographer friend of mine. Needless to say, the colors that resulted have a very over processed look. I determined the age of the film to about 10 years old, but still it was a guessing game regarding how to properly expose the film. I slightly overexposed the film when shooting to compensate for any flatness and underexposure that would occur, be even then the developed negatives were a bit dark and lacking contrast. I had them scanned at French Broad Imaging (located in Asheville) and made corrections in Adobe Camera Raw.

Still, the photo has a rather vintage quality about it, and the narrative is what I personally find the most intriguing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

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